Class Projects
Our classes are creating wonderful projects. We are so very proud of their work. Please take a moment to look and enjoy!

Telling Time Projects 2017
Some of Mrs. Wetzel's 2nd grade students have written fun and informative stories about telling time.  Check them out HERE!
4th Grade Diaries from the Revolutionary War - 2017

Our language arts teachers, Mrs. Field and Mrs. Kennedy, worked with their 4th grade students recently to write diary entries as if they were a person living in that time.  We used the ChatterPix app to make their people come to life!  Check out our amazing videos below...

5th Grade Biography Projects 2017
Our 5th grade Language Arts teachers, Mrs. Blazvick and Mrs. Davidson, worked with their students to complete research and write biography reports on famous people from the past.  We used iPads and 2 apps to create our videos.  After writing our reports, we entered our writing into a teleprompter app called DV Prompter.  We then recorded our videos using the iPad camera and a green screen.  Next we used the app Green Screen by Do Ink to merge our videos with photos saved from the web. 

Check out our awesome creations!

Snowman Project 2017
Mrs. West's 2nd Grade Class read Snowman at Night and wrote their own Snowman at School stories.  Check them out {HERE}!
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