As I was contemplating what message I wanted to share in this issue of the Bethel Bearings, I began thinking about everything we have accomplished so far this school year.

As always, I am so impressed with our hard working faculty and staff. Not only do they provide a strong research-based academic program, they also take time from their busy lives to provide extension opportunities for our students.

I realized we are truly living our Vision and Mission Statements. I also realized that many Bethel families might not have read our Vision and Mission Statements. I have provided them below for you to read:

To provide an educational program of excellence for every student that serves as a foundation for a lifetime of learning and sound citizenship.

Bethel Elementary School is a lively community center where eager students grow mentally, physically and socially as they explore the world and acquire the skills, practice the habits and absorb the attitudes needed for success. Teachers challenge each student to be his/her creative best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and responsibility. Parents, teachers, and staff cooperate to provide a secure, supportive environment. Citizens of all ages feel free to contribute time and talents to enrich the learning community.

As always, should you ever have any questions or concerns about your child’s education, please feel free to contact me at 804-693-2360 or [email protected]

Mrs. Eileen Kersmarki
Principal, Bethel Elementary School    

Mrs. Shannon Auche
Assistant Principal, Bethel Elementary School